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About Us

None is born with experience. We have built our talent discovery network over more than twenty years of endless travelling, analysis, fact-checking and one-to-one interviews. Funds Scouting & Advisory is an independent firm that acts as a third-party marketer specialised in selecting investment ideas, investment advisory and innovative solutions for financial institutions. FS&A is a group of independent professionals providing cutting-edge financial advisory services. Our experts have contributed over the last decade to the arrangement of several European investment products thanks to their knowledge of the market and its main players.

Our Strenghts

Independence in investment selection

A careful analysis and scouting activity allows us to provide a higher quality service in the investment selection, ensuring independence in asset picking. On the other hand, Fund Scouting & Advisory not only deals with privileged counterparts but also identifies the best intermediaries to guarantee cost-effectiveness.

Team expertise

Project founders have contributed over the last decade to the arrangement of several European investment products thanks to their knowledge of the market and its main players.

Experience and a well-established clientele

Our team has assisted its clients for more than a decade. Our missioni is to be a group of independent professionals providing cutting-edge financial advisory services.

Collaborating with new Professionals

Our commercial model may especially fit fund managers, professionals and companies which already cooperate with banks and management companies. The quality of our investment products and the independence we preserved over the years represent highly competitive assets in this context.

Innovation and Tailor Made

We offer innovative services for asset managers and financial advisers through a team of experienced professionals scouting for the best active European fund managers, an offering tailored to the needs of professional clients - primarily focusing on fund managers’ competence and on constant review of portfolios – represent our distinctive features.

Our Mission

Our expertise allows us to access the best fund managers in order to achieve risk-adjusted over performance and capital preservation. We are particularly focused on offering our services to those financial institutions that do not have an in-house fund selection platform or that can not cover all the relevant investment markets.
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